Re-construction of the inside of the car


Early on I had decided that I would be installing an air conditioning system in the car so I needed to add some insulating material to keep the heat and noise out. I found a source on EBAY for the material who agreed to sell me about 80 feet (by 5 feet) which was much more than I required, but the price was great. He was using it to insulate a number of Corvettes and the 2 rolls he sold to me was left over material.

I used a double side carpet tape to install the material.


The floor in the picture above, the ceiling in the pictures below. I forgot to take pictures of the painted roof before I put the insulation on. The bolts in the floor are for the bucket seats.


The insulation on the inside roof.



This picture shows the ceiling with the ribbing for the headliner installed.



A picture of the trunk below showing the Optima battery, battery disconnect switch and box (behind the battery) and the gas tank access door.


I got the aluminum disconnect box welded by a local high school student who was enrolled in a welding class. It worked out great!
One of the problems that I encountered was connecting the gas tank straps and battery holder bolts (underneath the weatherstripping).


In these pictures, I installed masking tape before I applied the rubber cement so that I would not get the black goo all over everything. I then installed the trunk rubber.


Stick Shift

I purchased a Lokar floor mount automatic transmission shifter model TH350 ATS6350CM from GearheadWorld. I also purchased a new transmission cover from Chevs-of-the-forties because the old one would not fit with the new motor and transmission. My first task was to cut a hole in the transmission cover to allow the installation of the shifter.


These pictures show the cover with the hole cut out and painted with POR-15 epoxy paint (grey on top, black on bottom).



This picture shows the Lokar shifter mounted on the transmission.

If need be, I can still remove the transmission cover without removing the stick shift from the transmission.

I will have to use the new carpet to cover the small space created by the shifter movement.



I purchased these bucket seats from a salvage company in Florida. They cost me $150.00 USD for the pair and $160.00 USD to ship to Pembina,ND.

The seats don't look too bad, but the driver's side is a little worn.


I decided to get the seats re-done in a vinyl that would better match the outside color.

This picture shows my grandson enjoying the driver's seat.



February 12, 2015

I finally got an opening with my upholsterer in February in Fannystelle, Manitoba. I used Dr. Hook to get the car out there. I did not want to trailer it out there myself because I would not have any public liability insurance. It will cost me $200.00 each way.
I would have preferred to get the car painted first, but I got a slot with the my upholsterer before my painter.



The car sitting in Omer's shop in Fannystelle. I put the old windows back in for the road trip. I put the windshield glass on from the outside (it is normally installed from the inside). This glass was cracked in several places. I have all new tinted glass except for the rear window. I will install them after the car is painted.

I got my car back from Omer in the first week of October. The interior is about 90% done, but he wanted me to get the car back because he is going to be laid up for a month. He will come to my place to finish up the interior. These include panels for the trunk, a battery box, sun-visor, and inside door panels.
In the meantime, I will try to get the car in to my painter in Portage La Prairie.




I tried to change the color of the plastic seat accessories for the bucket seats using a paint from Spectrum Coatings. The result was not even close. I shall try again using SEM paint from Rondex.


I ended up getting a swatch sample of my vinyl from Omer and sending it to SEM in the US. for a quart of SEM Color Coat™.



I painted the rear ashtray covers with mango tango and installed in the rear seat!


The picture below shows the rear seat with the ashtrays installed. It also shows 3 sets of seat belts that I installed.