Parts Procurement

Sometimes finding parts for a vehicle that is over 65 years old can be a challenge. In the following pages, I shall try and list some of my main suppliers for my 1947 Chevy project.

1. Chevs-of-the-forties

This supplier is located in Vancouver, Washington USA. So far I have made 15 plus purchase orders to this supplier.

They issue a free catalogue that is almost an inch thick. They carry just about every part (new and some used) that I need for my car. I always ship to Pembina, ND and drive down to pick up the parcels. Check their web site below for complete address and phone numbers.


2. Thefillingstation

This supplier is located in Lebanon, Oregon USA. The only thing that I have ordered from this supplier are some molding clips.

I got the free catalogue with my parts. Their web site is below.


3. Vintage Chevrolet Parts

This supplier is located in San Diego, California, USA. This was the only place that I could find NOS hood hinges.

I got the free catalogue with my parts.


4. Car graveyard

I found a car graveyard just north of Cavalier North Dakota. I purchased several pieces for my car here.




The cars belong to Bruce and Kally Werven.

They can be reached at

They are very accommodating and will supply a receipt on request for the customs people.


5. VaVaVoom Garage

Bill Harrison is located south of Altamont, Manitoba. This is his website:

I purchased 2 front fenders and a hood from him.">