Beginning the Inside of the Car


The picture below shows the driver's side with the seats and transmission cover removed. I wish I had taken more pictures inside the car in the original state.



These pictures show the inside with the dash and steering wheel removed. The 2 braces in the center are for the dash and the vacuum motor for the windshield wipers is in the top middle. I will eventually replace it with a DC motor.


As I said before, the squirrels lived in the car for 25 years and pretty much destroyed the inside. The inside roof had a felt-like matting glued to it under the headliner. When it was removed, the mat design could still be seen on the roof.




The picture below shows the inside firewall with all the holes used for various hoses and cables. The sound deadening matting is still on the firewall.



The driver's side of the inside firewall and floor above left. The floor is beyond repair and will be replaced. The passenger side of the firewall and the floor. It is in much better shape than the driver's side. In both pictures, I had already cleaned the metal with a sanding wheel.




The pictures above and below show the inside after it has been cleaned with POR-15® Marine Clean and POR-15® Metal Ready. The Metal Ready caused a white powder to form which was wiped off with a cloth before painting.




The first coat of silver POR-15® (sprayed on) looking toward the rear.


The first coat of silver POR-15® looking toward the front.



I replaced the driver's side floor with a NOS panel from Chevs-of-the-forties. I also purchased a new transmission cover from the same supplier (not in this picture). The old one would not work with the larger transmission.


I filled the holes in the firewall and than painted the inside a couple more times with the POR-15®.


The picture below shows the outside of the firewall. I should have done this when the body was off of the car.


The Trunk

The trunk floor and the trunk lid required some extra work. The slot for the spare tire on the left had rusted out, so I had Sandales weld a flat piece of metal in it's place.




The picture above shows the trunk floor before I made a hole for the access door to the gas tank sending unit.


Seats Etc.

The following picture shows the back seat in the car. The ashtray holders are in pretty rough shape. When I first took the seats out, there was a dead dried up squirrel stuck in the springs!


These pictures show the back of the rear seat (front and back). The original interior is in pretty bad shape but it provides a template on which to begin


These pictures show the bottom of the rear seat (top and bottom)


These pictures show the 2 door panels (front on the left, back on the right).


These 2 pictures show the kick panel that goes in front of the rear seat (on the floor) and the ashtray holders that go on either side of the rear seat.





This picture shows the 2 panels that go on either side of the rear seat.



These 2 pictures show the front and back of the 2 sun visors.





Go to the following link to see the "after" pictures of the inside of the car:

Inside Car: After