August, 2018

The following videos show the car running really rough. This is after I changed the gas to premium, cleaned the fuel filter, and changed all the spark plugs. The first video was taken with my camera, the second with my Iphone (same event). The third video was taken with my iphone 2 weeks later.


The picture above shows the the dip stick. The oil looks good. Doesn't seem to be any anti-freeze in it!

July, 2018

The following 2 videos show the car running outside the garage. About a week later, when I started the car, it ran really rough. I suspected that the gas filter or carburetor was gummed up. Several people suggested that I switch from regular gas to premium. I have since cleaned the gas filter and emptied the gas tank, but have not tried to start it since. The car is at the painters getting some paint fixes, then off to Dr. Shine to get polished.


November 6, 2013

The following 2 videos where taken shortly after I had fired up the motor.

When I increase the RPMs on the motor, all hell breaks loose! I tried it with all the belts off (no A/C, alternator, water pump, or power steering pump) and it did the same thing!


Apparently the people who dropped the motor into the frame did not connect the torque converter to the flywheel and neglected to tell me!